Creating A Social Media Calendar

26 February 2020


Whether you run a small creative business or a large, multi-national corporation, when it comes to public interaction, a solid social media presence is an absolute must.

That being said, the vast amount of content being posted daily online has made it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and the odds of a post or blog being lost in the noise are all too short.

As a result, providing interesting, useful and topical content for your following has never been more important.

So, how do you make your content shine bright above the rest of the pack? With a social media calendar, of course!


The Cold, Hard Figures


The Digital 2019 report from social media gurus WeAreSocial states that there are just under 3.5 billion active social media users across the world – with 45 million active users in the UK.

To put that into context, there are approximately 66 million people in the whole of the UK, meaning that almost 70% of the country’s entire population is actively on social media!

From a domestic perspective, the Office of National Statistics notes that around 64% of adult men and 71% of adult women in the UK use social media.

Needless to say, if your social media game isn’t up to scratch, you’re doing yourself and your business a huge disservice. But don’t worry, that’s where we come in!

Creating A Social Media Calendar 1

Don’t Skip Your Homework


When creating a social media calendar, it’s first important to identify any dates that are relevant to your business and its target audience. Have a think about the demographic you are catering for; their likes, dislikes, and more importantly the kind of content that would appeal to them.

Imagine a greetings card company overlooking Mother’s Day or Valentine’s as an opportunity to run a promotion or market their products – it just wouldn’t happen. Similarly, this should never happen to you and your business.

Do you own a curry house? National curry week should be etched in stone in your mind. Run a bakery? Miss national carrot cake day at your peril. Manage a cocktail bar? National margarita day should be tattooed to your soul!


Stay ahead of the curve


Once you’ve identified those dates across the year that are relevant and appropriate to your business, it’s time to get that thinking hat on and start those creative juices flowing for ideas on what to post.

Cringingly obvious and easy to spot from a mile away, a last-minute rush job is the last thing you want to be doing. Planning what to post on your social pages can be equally as important as knowing the suitable dates themselves.

Don’t stray too far outside the box, think logically about what your business offers, and which related events will appeal to your audience. From this, create something entertaining, helpful or engaging around the topic, this will not only pique interests, it will further elevate your standing with your followers.

Creating A Social Media Calendar 2

Consistency Is Key


Alongside the key dates in your calendar, it’s vital you continue to prop these up with consistent content around them. Don’t just wait for National Dog Day to post about your dog grooming business, provide regular content year-round to keep your audience engaged and maintain their attention.

It may seem arduous, but regular posting is important in not only retaining your followers but also portraying your brands legitimacy. Posting sporadically at random intervals can come across as unfortunately amateur, creating a negative impression for your business.

A prolonged drought in content can give the negative impression that your business/page is no longer active and operating. Inevitably, this will cause a particularly damning effect on your business, so avoid radio silence at all costs!


Two Heads Are Better Than One


When it comes to supplying engaging output for all your various social media channels, finding that initial spark for content gold can be an unenviably tough task, especially if you plan on providing content on a regular and continuous basis.

The pressure to provide high quality content can have a detrimental effect on the frequency you’re able to, but more importantly the speed at which the overall process runs at. For this reason, allowing communication and suggestions from those around you (both online and in the big-wide world) can be the difference-maker in your chances of idea creation.

Whether it’s spit-balling ideas with fellow colleagues, family and friends, or simply posing the question to your following, welcoming outside suggestions is a great way to build on any thoughts you may have. A small seed planted by one person can rapidly grow into a whole forest of content when you open it up to those around you, so never be afraid to ask for outside input.


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