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Courtesy of our winter giveaway – Handmade Dorset won a full website build, completely customised to any specification they wished!

After initial consultations, Kuhla decided that she wanted a site that would allow her to take her craft business onto the next step of it’s journey to a fully fledged store. It needed to be modern and clean while still staying true to the brand image and portraying the kind, quirky nature of her cards and prints.

To achieve this we created every page of the site from scratch; using large images to keep the focus of visitors on the beautiful products, while also keeping the overall experience simple and seamless on mobile devices.

Handmade Dorset already had a very successful Etsy store and we wanted to ensure that the new e-commerce site didn’t impede this. A custom plugin was used to sync the two stores, their products, prices, stock, reviews and everything in between. Any new products added to the Etsy store would be automatically added to the site, keeping the process of running both as stress-free as possible.

Kuhla’s blog was transferred over from it’s previous provider, while ensuring the link to her MailChimp newsletter was maintained with a new signup form built into the footer of the site.

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